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Despentes , Virginie [ ] : Mordre au travers. Paris: Librio. Despentes , Virginie [ ] : Teen Spirit. Despentes , Virginie [ ] : Bye Bye Blondie. Duhamel , Roland : Dichter im Spiegel. Eco , Umberto : "Postille a Il nome della rosa " [], in: Il nome della rosa []. Eco , Umberto : Bekenntnisse eines jungen Schriftstellers. Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature.

New Approaches in French Studies. Glavinic , Thomas : Das bin doch ich. Haraway , Donna : "Situiertes Wissen. Feministische Theorie. Hart , Rob W. Hayles , N[ancy] Katherine : Writing Machines. Cambridge, Mass.

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Houellebecq , Michel [ ] : Plateforme. Paris: Flammarion. Houellebecq , Michel : Interventions 2: traces. Houellebecq , Michel : La Carte et le territoire. Jordan , Shirley Ann : "Revolting Women? Les Univers du livre , Wien etc. Kellman , Steven G. Khadra , Yasmina [ ] : L'Attentat. Paris: Julliard. Laqueur , Walter : No End to War. Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century. Essai de philosophie politique. Paris: Odile Jacob. Lewitscharoff , Sibylle [ ] : Blumenberg. Loewenstein , Rudolph M. MacIntyre , Alasdair C. A Study in Moral Theory. London: Duckworth.

Paris: Mercure de France. Buying books on Amazon is better for authors, better for the economy, and better for you", in: Slate , Mecke , Jochen : "Der Fall Houellebecq. Profile, Tendenzen, Strategien. Merschmann , Helmut : "Rezensions-Missbrauch. Guerilla-Marketing bei Amazon ", in: Der Spiegel , Preciado , Beatriz : Kontrasexuelles Manifest. Salmon , Christian [] : Verbicide. Du bon usage des cerveaux humains disponibles. Arles: Actes Sud. Salmon , Christian [], reprint : Storytelling. Salmon , Christian : Kate Moss Machine. Sloterdijk , Peter : Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals.

Philologie im Netz 56 April , Tabbi , Joseph : "A Media Migration. Toward a Potential Literature", in: Michael J. Murphy Ed. Lebensgeschichte als philosophisches Problem. Toriz , Rafael : Metaficciones. Vahabzadeh , S. Waugh , Patricia [] : Metafiction. Virginie Despentes. Despentes , outside back cover.

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The publication of a 'manifesto', in our post- postmodern age, may be read as a strategically anachronistic inter textual gesture. In this context, one will recall that Despentes' partner, gender and queer philosopher Beatriz Preciado, has also signed a manifesto, explicitly entitled as such: her Manifeste contra-sexuel was published in cf. Preciado Costa Loewenstein : ff. Despentes 20f. En politique, c'est encore pire…". Despentes : Encore faudrait-il qu'elle puisse le demeurer", qtd. Sous nos yeux" Despentes Berliocchi Glad ; the whole controversy will at least have had the merit of provoking a discussion, not devoid of theoretical interest, about the metamorphoses of the very concept of 'authorship' in the age of Wikipedia.

Russo's reflections and Farhad Manjoo's counter-attack Manjoo have provoked an illuminating controversy pro and contra Amazon; cf. Glavinic Just as Galtan, Glavinic's autofictional anti-hero writes his own Wikipedia entry cf. Durand a : 7. At a certain moment, Galtan slips into a severe cortisone dependency, overlooking, in a maniac euphoria of creation, the changes in his physical appearance and behavior; he suffers a true shock when seeing his alter ed ego on television, not immediately recognizing this fat and hyper-active stranger, visibly affected by acute logorrhea, as himself AB After this scene of traumatic auto-anagnorisis, Galtan, despite all warnings of his all-too helpful "docteur drogues" ibid.

Wullschleger Her second husband being not only wealthy, but also regrettably prone to physical violence as well as to effusive excuses after the fact imprudently, in written form , she soon becomes a master in fostering his fits of rage. Strategically converting male violence into her own future capital, she carefully stocks her rowdyish spouse's innumerable apologetic mails in her private archive — a marital 'portfolio' that will prove a more than valuable asset at the moment of their separation: "Au moment du divorce, le gros lot" AB Other characters are provided with the same capacity of 'dissecting' their own and others' sociocultural conditionings.

Just as in previous novels, Despentes displays a pronounced topological sensibility, exploring the de construction of social spaces. Trop grand, trop propre, trop cher" AB In Baise-moi , very similar feelings are attributed to Nadine when visiting the rich architect's house cf. Despentes 77f. When Eric, initiating the sequel of their teenage love story, invites her to a fancy restaurant, Gloria feels like "une femme des bois perdue dans un palais lointain" ibid. Marcelle Bachi or Rafael Toriz' short story "Fe" cf. Toriz : 50ff. At the opposite pole, in a text like Yasmina Khadra's 'Yasmina Khadra' being the rare example of a male author [Mohammed Moulessehoul] with a feminine pseudonym L'Attentat , another literary representation of terrorism from an alternative point of view, the female protagonist, a Palestinian kamikaze blowing herself up in the midst of a fast food restaurant in Tel Aviv, remains a perfect stranger to the reader as well as to the narrator — her own husband, a well-established surgeon confronted, by his wife's incomprehensible act, with the ambivalences of his own identity as a Palestinian 'parvenu' in Israeli society.

But even as the protagonist-narrator starts investigating Sihem's secret second life as a future kamikaze, the heroine's image remains vague and enigmatic, an anti- icon of stereotyped divine beauty. While a traditional "femme kamikaze" Khadra 46 as the heroine in Khadra's L'Attentat undertakes her murderous project in the idyllic disguise of pregnancy ibid. Afterwards, it will be compared to a small vibrator no need to dwell on the ambivalences of this object, between acceptance, appropriation and parodic reinterpretation of 'phallic' sexuality or a huge tampon AB ; the motif of the 'monstrous' menstruating body — "an open container" Fayard : 74 — with its 'impure' blood, carnevalistically restaged and re-coded, plays a crucial role already in Despentes' debut novel Baise-moi , problematizing socioculturally conditioned attitudes toward "different categories of blood" Jordan ; cf.

Despentes , parodically representing "female menstruation as a curse" Fayard The firm's staff, professionally commercializing the charms of exotic otherness, anxiously avoid any encounter with the marginalized 'others' of French society; Aurore 's office resembles a fortress amidst a suburban 'jungle' inhabited by " hordes barbares " Houellebecq ; cf. Stemberger : Makine ff. Makine : 80ff. Stemberger Like Houellebecq, her vision of our society is dark and rather desperate but unlike Houellebecq she shows it with the means of our time. Max wrote an entry about Cosmopolis and the creative cowardice of Anglo-American literature where he explains that, to him, contemporary Anglo-Saxon writers fail to capture our age.

In her own trashy way, I think that Virgine Despentes succeeds in this. I might take the plunge. Your stamp of approval goes a long way. Like Like. I could have told you to avoid Baise-moi , not your kind of film from what I heard of it. Not surprising. I wonder why on Amazon they translate Baise-moi into Rape me.

I had never heard of Despentes. These dark and gritty stories that highlight the underside of modern life were something that appealed to me more about twenty years or so. However, a well done novel of this type can certainly tell a lot modern society and be very good reads. Thanks Brian. Some of her other books are available in English. Is it not even set in your town? Her pen name comes from Les pentes de la Croix-Rousse , a nice neighbourhood here.

She was born in Lorraine, can you believe it? Have you read Marie Nimier? Of all the books in the contemporary clutch of brash and graphic women writers, I liked her best. I read La nouvelle pornographie, and thought it was very clever. Your paragraph beginning with the tapestry of French society is what really hooked me. Love your comparison with Houellebec. She managed to avoid that pitfall.

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